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Starke Signature Basic Smart Toilet Bowl (5 Basic Smart Functions)

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Space-saving. Smart. Best of Both Worlds. (Export Edition)

Featured on Home and Decor as the #1 Top Toilet Bowl in Singapore

5 Standard Smart Functions:

  • Automated Seat Cover Heating
  • Automated Flush after leaving seat
  • Adjustable Seat Temperature
  • Foot Touch Flushing
  • Minimal Noise with quiet flushing

Other Features:

  • Water-efficient
  • Anti-splashing
  • Rimless Design
  • Easy Control with remote
  • 680*420*540mm
  • Fits all trap sizes

What we offer:

  • 3-years warranty with unlimited repairs (T&C Applies)
  • Installation option comes with free removal of old toilet bowl
  • Free consultation
  • Free Delivery
  • Quality guarantee
  • For the Starke Smart Bowl, please note that the bowl might not be able to be installed flat against the wall due to certain technical limitations and might have a slight distance from the wall at the back of the toilet bowl.
  • P-Trap (180mm), S-Trap (250mm)

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As every home, toilet and bathtub area is different, our unique made-upon-order process enables you to get the perfect fit and size for your home, giving you wider customization options. Once you place your deposit, our friendly customer service representative will be in touch with you to get your home measurements, if needed, and you can rest with a peace of mind that your purchase is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.
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