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Award Winning Patented Alveno Wasserfall™ Ultra Luxury Rain Shower Head (Premium Brass) BESTSELLER

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8 Inch Patented Wasserfall™ shower system.

The gold standard when it comes to shower heads -> Starke Living’s absolutely elegant shower set.

Made with high quality brass and thermostatic temperature regulation.

Comes equipped with air-pressurized water technology, saving up to 80% water in a regular shower session.

Equipped with a patented 3-function shower head allowing you to experience 3 functions: rainfall, massage, or rainfall and massage together.

Can be installed in all toilets, including HDBs.

Alternatively, you can also Whatsapp +65 80665401 if you have any enquiries.

Brand: Klova
WELS Registration Number: SHT-2024/041829/SLS

PVD Gold
Matte Black
Gun Metal
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