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Alveno Seamless Bathtub, Portable HDB Bathtub, No Hacking, No Tiling


Introducing the Alveno Portable Bathtub, designed for easy installation in HDBs and condos. With plug and play convenience, there’s no need for hacking or plumbing, making it a flexible solution for any bathroom layout. The Alveno Portable Bathtub is made of durable acrylic with fiberglass material and a sturdy stainless steel structure, able to support up to 300kg of weight (with water, within HDB limits).

Choose from six different sizes, ranging from 1200mm to 1700mm in length, to suit your specific needs. Each bathtub includes a flexible outlet to accommodate all types of bathrooms. Installation costs vary from $100 to $250, depending on your site, and each Alveno Portable Bathtub comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing faults.


  • Alveno Portable Bathtub 1300: 1300mm x 700mm x 580mm, weight 33kg, volume of water 280L
  • Alveno Portable Bathtub 1400: 1400mm x 750mm x 580mm, weight 36kg, volume of water 300L
  • Alveno Portable Bathtub 1500: 1500mm x 750mm x 580mm, weight 39kg, volume of water 320L
  • Alveno Portable Bathtub 1600: 1600mm x 750mm x 580mm, weight 42kg, volume of water 340L
  • Alveno Portable Bathtub 1700: 1700mm x 750mm x 580mm, weight 45kg, volume of water 360L
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