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Air Purifier


    Product Descriptions:

    • Colour: White/Grey
    • Size: 16*16*26.8cm
    • Battery: 10000mAh, 37W (estimated lasting time 20h)
    • Purification level: H13
    • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 56.8m3/h
    • Noise level: <52.3dB
    • Negative ion concentration: 8000000 pcs/m3
    • Effective Range: 10-15 square meters
    • Can be used in multiple locations, bathroom, living room, dining room, car etc.


    • Able to disinfect and sterilize with the release of negative ions to purify the air
    • 360 degree full air circulation
    • 3 types of filters (Primary Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter)
    • Automatic & Manual Mode available for Wind Speeds
    • USB fast charge with Type C
    • Smart LED display of settings, ambient air quality and battery life
    • Battery Capacity of 10,000 mAh
    • Comfortable Night Light
    • Convenient to carry with Portable Handle Design
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