The Difference between a Portable Bathtub and a Regular Bathtub

5 mins read

After a long tiring day, being able to soak in a tub to unwind and relax may be the perfect therapy and escape you need. Furthermore, it has many health benefits. Research has even shown how a good soak can replicate the effects of cardiovascular exercise without moving a muscle. We all know the plethora of benefits of having a bath such as elevating one’s mood, better sleep, relieve muscle pain, improve skin, burn calories and lower blood sugar and many many more! However, we are here to help you decide which is better for you – a portable bathtub or a regular bathtub. 

Portable bathtubs come in various shapes and sizes, where most are either barrel-shaped or cylinder-shaped. Barrel-shaped bathtubs allow you to be fully-immersed in water while cylinder-shaped bathtubs, like a regular bathtub, allow you to have a deep soak and allow users to stretch out their legs to some extent, but they take up a significant amount of room, and cannot be used inside of a stall shower. Meanwhile, barrel-shaped tubs can fit into smaller shower stalls, but their compact shape restricts the amount of space you’re able to move around in. 

Some portable bathtubs also are inflatable, to provide extra comfort, even going to the extent of having an inflatable pillow to prop one’s neck while taking a bath and an armrest for additional comfort. However, not to worry as these kinds of inflatable tubs probably come with an electric air pump that can inflate the tub in a few minutes! The best thing about portable bathtubs is that they can be carried anywhere and you can have both choices of using them indoors or outdoors. Not only that, portable bathtubs are also considerably cheaper than the regular ones. Portable bathtubs also do not take up too much space in your house and most of them are designed to be foldable or collapsible. Once you’ve done with your tub, you can simply put them away easily. 

However, there are cons to a portable bathtub such as its durability compared to a regular one. Some portable bathtubs may not be that durable and that whatever you pour in your bath water will likely penetrate the bathtub lining. Bubble baths and soap are the biggest culprits, so please remember to check about the portable bathtub details before enjoying it! Furthermore, portable bathtubs may be more slippery since they do not have the anti-slip surface. Those who are recovering from a medical procedure or elderly that have mobility issues  may also find it harder to get into a deep bathtub. 

You probably already have an idea of what a regular bathtub entails. Hence, I will be summarising a few factors for you to help you better decide whether a portable or a regular bathtub is better for you. First factor to consider will be the space, which is the most important. If you have a small shower area, a regular bathtub is certainly out of the question, so you are left with either having a barrel-shaped or a cylinder-shaped portable bathtub. Hence it’s time to think of the specific kind of experience you’re looking for, consider whether or not you need your legs to be extended to achieve full relaxation and if the space in your toilet allows you for that. 

 However, do know that cylinder-shaped portable bathtubs may actually take up a lot of space too like a regular bathtub, so do remember to check the dimensions before making a purchase. Secondly, a second factor to consider is the period of usage. If a bathtub is something you think you will be using very often and for a long period of time, it certainly is worth investing in a regular bathtub. You do not need to go through the hassle of setting up, drying and keeping your bathtub whenever you use it and also, having a regular bathtub in the bathroom certainly makes your bathroom look more luxurious. I would definitely recommend going for a regular bathtub due to the less hassle you would have and also its more durable and lasting, a great long time investment.